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Rounded Saint Lucia Flag IconSaint Lucia‘s digital nomad visa joins the ranks of Curaçao, Dominica, and Anguilla as Caribbean islands that offer remote working visas.

The Saint Lucia digital nomad visa, often known as the “Live It” program, permits remote employees to live and work on the Caribbean island for up to a year. The application fee is only $70.

Saint Lucia in a nutshell

Saint Lucia a formally British Overseas Territory, and is one of the most affordable Caribbean islands to live on, and most digital nomads will discover that the cost of living is far lower than in countries such as the United States or Canada.

The per capita income of Saint Lucia is only about $8,790 USD. Apartments in the country can be found for $250 USD per month or more, depending on whether you reside in the city center.

Most people prefer to live in Castries, which has a population of roughly 20,000 people.

Locally produced food and beverages are significantly less expensive, but imported ones can be far more expensive. Saint Lucia ranks 47th in the world for internet speed, and the country offers multiple coworking spaces in its main towns.

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What exactly is a Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa?

The Saint Lucia digital nomad visa, also known as the “Live It” program, allows digital nomads to live and work on the island for up to a year.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the island nation joins a number of other Caribbean countries in providing long-term visas for remote workers.

Following a sharp decline in tourism, these countries turned to long-term visitors to help reinvigorate the local economy, with digital nomads serving as the solution.

The digital nomad visa allows remote professionals and their families to stay in the country for up to one year.

Visa Requirements for Digital Nomads in Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia digital nomad visa has a brief list of conditions that all applicants must meet in order to ensure a successful application:

Valid Passport: The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of application.

Sufficient Funds: When applying for the Saint Lucia digital nomad visa, all applicants must present proof of sufficient funds. There is presently no exact figure for the minimal value.

The applicant must offer proof of remote employment in the form of a job letter or anything similar. A letter of enrolment from their school, college, or institution is required for students applying for the nomad visa.


How to Apply for a Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa

The application procedure is simple.

Saint Lucia Coat of ArmsFirst and foremost, you must complete and submit the application form to the Immigration Department. You must finish this at least two weeks before your departure date.

If your application is approved, you must pay the visa fee when you arrive at the airport. You must print your authorisation letter and have it with you at all times for customs clearance.

You can stay for a year and work remotely from Saint Lucia with this visa. Furthermore, it is a multiple-entry visa.

Step 1: Gather All Required Documents

When applying for a digital nomad visa, the first step is to gather all of the essential documentation for the application procedure.

The Saint Lucia digital nomad is quite clear in the list of required paperwork, with all candidates required to provide the following documentation:

  • Valid passport (six-month validity into the future)
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • A round-trip ticket
  • Copy of the travel itinerary
  • Accommodation documentation
  • Letter of invitation (if invited by a friend or relative, including phone number and address)
  • Enrollment letter from a school, college, or university (for students applying for the visa)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Employment verification

All documentation must be submitted in English or translated into English.

Step 2: Submit your Digital Nomad Visa Application

The form is available online and must be completed and submitted to the Immigration Department for assessment at least two weeks before the scheduled arrival in Saint Lucia.

Step 3: Await Approval of the Application

The current wait period for the Saint Lucia digital nomad visa decision is five days, while it is recommended that the visa be requested for at least two weeks before arrival.

Pay the Application Fee in Step 4

Remote workers, like other digital nomad visas available in the Caribbean, must pay an initial application fee to get the visa. The application fee is $125 XCD ($46.25 USD) for a single entrance visa and $190 XCD ($70.30 USD) for multiple entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the island lifestyle linked with the Caribbean makes you happy while arranging a remote working vacation, Saint Lucia is hard to top for a long-term stay. Saint Lucia, known as one of the Caribbean's most cheap countries, has everything you could want in an island paradise, from the tallest mountains to the lush jungle, blue ocean, and lovely beaches.

The island's distinct culture, which combines Caribbean, African, English, and French elements, provides an unforgettable experience. Saint Lucia is a must-see location for every remote worker due to its nice people and beautiful weather.

This non-immigrant visa is intended for international nationals and digital nomads visiting Saint Lucia for business, pleasure, or education. To obtain a Saint Lucia visa, all you need is a valid passport from your home country.

The cost of the Saint Lucia visa is determined by the type. Depending on your plans, you can pay for a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa, if you only plan to visit Saint Lucia once without leaving before your nomad visa expires.

A single-entry visa costs $46.25 USD (125XCD). You must pay $70.30 for a multiple-entry visa (190XCD)

Fill out the application form at least two weeks before your trip. The application procedure will take around five days.

There are no income restrictions. When it comes to living expenses, Saint Lucia is one of the more affordable Caribbean islands, with costs that are slightly lower than in the United States. The application form does ask how much money you will bring to Saint Lucia, but it is unclear whether amounts are allowed or not.

To enter Saint Lucia, you do not need to be completely vaccinated against Covid-19. You must stay in a Covid-19-certified hotel and engage in Covid-19-certified activities. Quarantine is not required for fully immunized tourists. All travelers above the age of 18, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, must fill out an online travel registration form, and all travelers over the age of 5 must take a PCR test 5 days before arriving in Saint Lucia. More information can be found at

You can stay for a year and work remotely. It is a visa with numerous entries.

You will not be a tax resident of Saint Lucia and so will not be subject to income taxes.

Fixed internet speeds in St Lucia are adequate in the cities. For example, you can purchase a 75 Mbps download bundle for US$60 per month. A 4G 10GB allowance 30-day prepaid bundle costs $35 USD. Both listed prices are for Flow. Saint Lucia currently lacks coworking places for individuals interested.

Expats in Saint Lucia prefer to dwell in four cities: the capital Castries (20,000), Marigot Bay (about 6 kilometers south of Castries), Rodney Bay, and the historic French capital Soufriere (8,000).

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