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United Arab Emirates Coat of ArmsThis month the UAE government introduced new visa rules incorporate significant modifications to the country’s entry and residence systems and this more advanced visa system was introduced on October 3.

With the launch of new UAE passport and visa services, Emiratis (UAE passport holders), expats (Job Exploration Visa), investors (UAE Golden Visa), and visitors (Tourist Visa) will benefit from faster processes and simplified procedures.

Enhanced Visa System

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) announced the release of the UAE passport’s third generation and the trial run of a “enhanced visa system.”


The new visa scheme, which goes into effect today (October 3), is a more advanced visa system that adds new residency paths and entrance permits while simplifying existing alternatives for UAE residents and visitors.

Below you can find the significant modifications made to the country’s admission and residence systems for expatriates:

Visit Visas (tourist visas)

All visit visas are available for single or multiple entrance and can be renewed for the same period of time. They now allow a stay of up to 60 days, up from 30 days previously.

The job exploration visa will no longer require a sponsor or a host. It is awarded to people designated as having the first, second, or third skill level by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, as well as fresh graduates from the world’s top 500 universities looking for job opportunities in the UAE.

Multiple entry tourist visa

If a visitor is a relative or acquaintance of a UAE citizen or someone with a residence permit, he or she may apply for an entry permit. It is not necessary to have a sponsor or a host. These tourist visas are regarded as a regular tourist visa, and do not require proof of bank balance like the one below.

A sponsor is not required for a five-year multi-entry tourist visa. It permits visitors to stay in the nation for up to 90 days in a row, which can be extended for a comparable time if the total period of stay does not exceed 180 days in a year.

This visa requires proof of a bank balance of US$4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies for the six months before application submission.

Family members sponsorship regulations

The age limit for sponsored boys has been raised to 25 years (formerly 18 years) for all housing types, with no age limit for unmarried daughters. Children of determination, whatever of age, are awarded a residence visa. Their first-degree relatives can even be sponsored under Green Residency.

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Modifications to the UAE Golden Visa program

Several changes have been made to the UAE Golden Visa scheme, allowing more applicants to obtain the coveted 10-year visa.

For more skilled professionals or skilled workers, the minimum monthly wage requirement has been reduced from Dh50,000 to Dh30,000. Medicine, science and engineering, information technology, business and administration, education, law, culture, and social sciences are some of the disciplines that can apply to become a Golden visa holder.

Applicants must have a valid UAE work contract and be classed in the first or second occupational level, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Investors can obtain a long-term visa if they buy a home worth at least Dh2 million with a loan from “certain local banks.” Off-the-plan properties from “authorized local real estate companies” are permitted.

Golden Visa holders may sponsor children of any age. They can also sponsor an unlimited number of support employees.

Leaving the UAE for more than six months will not impact their visa or their entry permits.

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New UAE Green Visa

The Green Visa is a new pathway offers talented employees and skilled professionals a five-year residency without the need for a sponsor or employer. This allows any Green visa holder to enjoy long term residency in the UAE.

Skilled workers with a valid employment contract and a monthly income of at least Dh15,000, as well as freelancers and investors, are eligible to apply to become green visa holders under the new UAE Green Visa.

Grace period following visa revocation or expiration

When a resident visa expires, expats usually have 30 days to depart the country or apply for another visa.

However, the new approach would provide adjustable grace periods of up to six months. It is unclear whether this applies to all visa types.

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