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The Mauritius government introduced the Premium Visa to attract long-term visitors. The Mauritius digital nomad visa, also known as the Mauritius Premium Visa, permits remote workers to stay in the country for one year with the option of renewing for another.

The application for this digital nomad visa is free to submit, and you will be notified of approval or denial within 48 hours. You only have to prove having a monthly income of $1500 or more.

The Mauritius Premium Visa is also available to travelers, pensioners, and other professionals, as well as their family members.

Mauritius in a Nutshell

Rounded Mauritius Flag IconMauritius is an excellent destination for digital nomads and expats! You’ll have access to the internet, pleasant and affordable lodging, and cheap and decent meals.

But, more importantly, Mauritius is a fascinating and exciting location to live. The island of Mauritius has a colonial past. People speak English and French, however Mauritian Creole is the most widely spoken language.

Living in Mauritius is cheap, with a very low cost of living. Especially if you’re used to the cost of living in the United States or the European Union. You won’t have any trouble deciding where to stay or what to do. The locals are also quite welcoming, so you’ll quickly make a lot of new friends in the capital Port Louis.

About the Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa

Mauritius Coat of ArmsThe Mauritius Premium Travel Visa is available to any non-citizen who intends to stay in the country for up to a year as a tourist or professional while conducting remote work from Mauritius.

It is also a good option for retirees who are not digital nomads but wish to experience what it is like to live in an island paradise. Applicants may bring their families if they meet the eligibility requirements.

The Mauritius digital nomad visa allows tourists to stay for up to a year, allowing digital nomads to extend their stay and enjoy the island’s natural beauty while working remotely. While it is only valid for a year, qualifying applicants can renew it if they choose to extend their stay. However, you can only request a three-month extension.

While residing in Mauritius on a digital nomad visa, digital nomads are free to come and go as they want. The best part about the Mauritius digital nomad visa is that it is completely free to apply for!

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The Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Mauritius

The following are some of the advantages of working as a digital nomad in Mauritius:

Simple visa application process. The application process for a digital nomad visa in Mauritius is fairly simple. The application is available online and takes only a few minutes to complete. You will have to wait 48 hours for an answer and will receive it via email.

No fees. It is free to apply for a digital nomad visa in Mauritius.

Exemptions from taxes. You are not required to pay taxes as a digital nomad in Mauritius for up to six months. However, after 183 days, you will be declared a tax resident.

Low living expenses. If you want to work as a digital nomad in Mauritius, you won’t have to spend much money. The average apartment in Port Louis costs between $400 and $800 per month, making it the most expensive city in the country. Outside of the city, though, you can locate cheaper apartments. In general, some living costs are as follows: for meals, $6.71 to $33.56, for basic utilities each month, $51.65, for internet per month, $31.80, and for transportation, $0.83 for a one-way ticket and $22.37 for a monthly pass.

Furthermore, Mauritius is a small country of 2,000 square kilometers in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The country is well-known for its vibrant culture, turbulent past, sugar and textile industries, as well as beautiful lagoons and pristine beaches. All of these are available to you as a digital nomad in Mauritius.

What If I Do Not Qualify for the Mauritius Premium Visa?

You can still travel to Mauritius and work as a digital nomad if you are not eligible for the Mauritius premium travel visa.

You only need to obtain a tourist visa first, and then apply for the Premium Visa after you arrive in Mauritius. Take the following steps:

Obtain a tourist visa. A tourist visa for Mauritius can be obtained at your country’s embassy or consulate.

Travel to Mauritius. You only need to pack your bags and travel to Mauritius once you have obtained your tourist visa.

Gather the necessary paperwork. The required documents are listed under “Requirements for Mauritius Digital Nomad (Premium) Visa.” They are the same for both those who are and are not qualified.

Fill out an application for a premium travel visa. After compiling the necessary documents, you can start the digital nomad visa application online.

Submit the application and wait for it to be approved. You will be able to submit your online application once you have uploaded all of the required papers and completed all of the stages. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email answer.

Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

The following are the documents needed to apply for a Mauritius digital nomad visa:

  • An application form completed online.
  • A copy of your passport’s biometric data page
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • Copy of the airline ticket (including return ticket if you want to stay beyond six months).
  • Travel and health insurance. To travel to Mauritius, you will require travel and health insurance intended for digital nomads and remote professionals living abroad. If you are traveling with your spouse or any dependents, you must have International Medical Insurance.
  • Accommodation letter. You will need a hotel reservation, lease, or rental agreement. You will require a letter of sponsorship, proof of address, a copy of your ID, or a residency permit if you are sponsored locally.
  • Evidence of funds. You can use copies of recent bank statements from your foreign bank account or proof of monthly income for the last three months. To qualify, you must have a monthly income of $1500.
  • Evidence of ties with dependents. If you are married, you could use a marriage certificate to prove your relationship to dependents. If you have children, bring their birth certificates or a letter of agreement if you are accompanied by one parent.

How to Apply for a Premium Visa or Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa

A Mauritius premium visa can be completed online. The following is the application procedure:

Gather the necessary paperwork. It is important to gather all required documents before beginning the application. You must upload them to the application platform (electronic copies). The list of required documents may be seen above under “Requirements for Mauritius Digital Nomad (Premium) Visa.”

Start the application. To begin the application, go to the official visa application website and click the ‘Apply’ option. Fill up the blanks correctly.

Submit the application and wait for confirmation. Once you’ve uploaded all of your documents and completed all of the processes, you must submit your online application. Then you have 48 hours to receive an email response.

Travel to Mauritius. The final step after receiving your email is to go to Mauritius.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application is handled in approximately 48 hours. You will then receive an email confirming or declining your application.

Private visa services that assist you with your application will charge a service fee.

The digital nomad visa in Mauritius is valid for one year. It is renewable as long as you meet the requirements.

Mauritius has one of the lowest rates of taxation in the world. Corporate and individual income taxes are fixed at 15%. Local tax laws state that offshore enterprises located in Mauritius that do not conduct business with Mauritanians or utilize Mauritian money, on the other hand, are excluded. Furthermore, a 15% value-added tax (VAT) is levied, a 5% property transfer tax is levied, and a stamp duty of MUR (Mauritian Rupee) 25 to MUR 1,000 ($0.55 to $21.98) is levied on certain papers.

You are not required to pay taxes as a digital nomad in Mauritius. You must instead ensure that your revenue is deposited in a foreign account and does not enter Mauritius. If you decide to stay in the country for more than 183 days, you must adhere to local tax regulations as a tax resident.

The Mauritius Premium Visa is free of charge. It is free of charge, and no processing costs are required.

The Mauritius digital nomad visa allows you to stay for up to a year and is renewed for three months.

Most candidates will receive an email answer within 48 hours of submitting their visa application online.

The Mauritius digital nomad visa allows you to bring your dependents. During the application process, you must provide proof of relationship, such as a copy of your birth or marriage certificate.

Mauritius is not the only African country that offers a digital nomad visa; Namibia, Cape Verde, and The Seychelles are also options. Check out our complete list of countries that provide a digital nomad visa here.

The Mauritius digital nomad visa is developed exclusively for digital nomads, ex-pats, retirees, and other professions. It allows you to stay in Mauritius for up to a year and allows you to renew your visa.

The tourist visa is exclusively valid for tourism reasons. It permits you to stay in Mauritius for a maximum of six months.

Yes. You will however become a tax resident after 6 months. 

Yes. The application is submitted via the internet.

The Premium Travel Visa is completely free.

Mauritius is an extremely safe country. Overall, the risk to all visitors is quite minimal.

However, because petty theft is the most common sort of crime, it is critical to continually keep a check on your belongings.

No, Mauritius has a low cost of living.

Depending on where you live, monthly prices range from $600 to $1,200.

Yes, Americans do not require a tourist visa to visit Mauritius. They can, however, only stay for six months without a visa.

There is no digital nomad community in Mauritius; nonetheless, you may encounter others in a coworking space.

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