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How to Become a Citizen of Liberland, the World’s New Tax Haven

Liberland Passport CoverIt’s not every day that we come across a country without taxes and a citizenship program enabled by blockchain technology. In this way, Liberland truly stands out among all other jurisdictions.

However, the TLDR is: for a 10k investment, a Liberland passport is only a paper citizenship certificate at the moment without any additional travel benefits. Liberland is not internationally recognized by any other countries.

Liberland is attempting to assert its place among the countries with small steps and a lot of enthusiasm, and it is currently generating so much interest that over 500,000 individuals and investors from all over the world have filed for citizenship in this landlocked country.

For the time being, the major goal is to develop a first real estate project that can house 120,000 people and can subsequently be enlarged to accommodate more and more Liberlanders.


Liberland’s formal name is the Free Republic of Liberland. The country has claimed a little portion of land that no other country has complete sovereignty over.

The uninhabited tract is small and lies between Serbia, Croatia, and the Danube River. Vt Jedlika, a Czech politician, declared independence in the spring of 2015. Even though Liberland is located in Europe, it is not part of any trading block yet, or the European union for that matter.

The country was formed to resolve a longstanding problem that arose after Yugoslavia broke up. Despite the fact that Croatia has just controlled it, no one has claimed this small slice of land.

It is roughly the same size as Gibraltar and barely covers 2.7 square miles. There is no infrastructure because it is currently in the development stage.

Liberland had an influx of visitors yearning for an alternative lifestyle soon after it was declared. Croatia has been arresting those who cross the border since it took over the area.

Later, a court found that such operations were illegal, and they were discontinued. People from Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the United States, and other countries were arrested for entering Liberland during the time.

Croatia barred access to the location years ago, so getting there was thought to be unlawful until the judges ruled differently. Croatia also claimed that the formation of a new country could be dangerous.

Liberland Citizenship benefits

Rounded Liberland Flag Icon1. You can begin your business remotely right now: The Liberland e-residency allows you to start your own business in the jurisdiction without leaving your living room. Liberland is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who have a business model that functions regardless of location, such as cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. Access to Apatin’s free trade zone: When you obtain residence or citizenship in Liberland, you can not only develop digital enterprises. It is also possible to establish yourself in the Liberlanders’ zone of Apatin’s free trade zone, where your operational costs will be quite minimal.

3. While Liberland’s construction projects are being finished, the administration of this micronation has been advertising its first real estate project, the Floating Cabins Project. This is a luxury vessel with stunning apartments for residents. Prices begin at $45,000, and purchasing a unit automatically grants you a Liberland passport. This is without a doubt Europe’s most accessible CBI scheme.

4. e-Government: Just as you can open a business online, Liberland’s public and private affairs are handled through its digital platform: from managing property titles and making voluntary donations to running your business and voting in government elections, you can do it all from your mobile device. When you become a Liberland citizen you travel to the future.

5. The best fiscal policy in the world: Liberland was designed to enjoy the maximum levels of freedom possible, as evidenced by its fiscal policy of zero mandatory taxes. Residents and citizens can make voluntary gifts to the Liberland government, but nothing else. Nobody is obligated to part with any of their money. This is the world’s only jurisdiction with such a tax system.

All of these benefits are available without the need for lengthy and time-consuming procedures. Obtaining residence and citizenship in Liberland is such a straightforward process that it begs the question of whether other jurisdictions’ citizenship procedures are desirable.

E-Residency and Passport

It is not as difficult to become a resident and citizen in Liberland as it is in other jurisdictions. Since 2015, Liberland has received over 500,000 applications from people all over the world for its E-Residency and citizenship through its digital platform.

Most are investors, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals who see Liberland’s e-residency as a way to diversify their companies away from the failures of the ruling states and corresponding operating costs.

Liberland Country Landscape Photo

Conditions for obtaining a Liberland Certificate of Residence

The application to become a Liberland citizen differs from ordinary citizenship by investment programs in one significant way: it is completed entirely online. Nothing could be more appropriate for the world we live in today.

Liberland has established numerous prerequisites for anyone who want to become citizens of the country in the future. Among the prerequisites are:

  • Respect for people and their beliefs as a flag (regardless of color, gender, orientation, or religion);
  • Respect private property;
  • No communist, extremist past or Nazi past, and shouldn’t have any criminal offenses in the applicant’s home country;
  • Having a minimum of 5,000 Liberland Merits. These Merits can be gained by participating in the Liberland initiative or by donations to the Liberland poor government in quantities equal to the 5,000 Merits.

Following fulfilment of these basic conditions, the application process moves into a review step to confirm that the applicant’s relevant information is correct.

Only then can the citizenship certificate be issued, which you can obtain by mail or in person at any Liberland representative office abroad.

More than 500,000 people have registered as potential citizens of the new micro-nation formed on the outskirts of Croatia and Serbia.

Liberland citizenship requirements

Liberland Coat of ArmsIf you’ve looked into alternative citizenship by investment programs, you’re definitely aware that they’re time consuming and intimidating. They necessitate extensive documentation and a significant cost. Liberland is a unique place.

Because the country is still in its early stages, the process is carried out entirely online, with no visits required. Given the state of the globe, this is most likely the most desired method of obtaining citizenship through investing.

Requirements are frequently moral rather than technical or bureaucratic in nature. For example, you must respect others and their viewpoints. There are no distinctions based on religion, gender, color, or sexual orientation.

While there is currently no private property available in Liberland, the country’s government believes the country is on the right track. Respect for private property is one of the conditions for obtaining citizenship.

Take your time and make certain that you meet all of the requirements. If you do, your application will go to the next round. Your information and documentation will be double-checked to ensure that the application contains no misleading claims.

There are several ways to obtain the certificate if you are accepted and become a Liberland citizen. Most people prefer to receive it via mail, but if you are fortunate enough to have a Liberland representative office in your area, you can also receive it in person.


While Liberland is poised to welcome hundreds of thousands of new citizens, passports are only issued to diplomats and official representatives of micro-nations.

Liberland diplomatic passports are intended for trustworthy and officially appointed Liberland representatives. They are intended to comply with all international and security standards. Once Liberland is recognized as a real country, these passports will certainly become a lot more valuable.

How Liberland passports work

Despite only having one structure and a few chalets at the start, Liberland appears to be ready to accept 120,000 residents. Additional plans may be created in the future.

Passports are designed to meet all international criteria. However, because the country is not recognized by any formal authority, the passport is obviously useless for travel.

Because Liberland is slowly preparing to accept people and passports are difficult to obtain, you can opt for electronic residency, which is just as beneficial if the landlocked country is ever recognized by other governments or trading blocks like the European Union.

The electronic residence allows you to utilize some form of identity, whether you want to attend real-life or online activities in the future. You can digitally sign documents while simultaneously authenticating them with your electronic residency.

Furthermore, this electronic residency card will grant you access to a private, encrypted, and secure communication service. If you choose Liberland as a jurisdiction, you will be able to manage your business, as well as become a Liberland citizen in the future.

The electronic residence is relatively inexpensive, costing around $100. Because it is the most affordable electronic residence option in the world, many entrepreneurs have chosen to purchase it. After all, it’s a little outlay, and you never know what the future holds for our micronation.

The majority of those interested in establishing business in Liberland have concentrated on digital services. Some firms deal with trading and digital currency, while others provide hosting services; nonetheless, the majority of them operate online.

Liberland has made a good gamble by enabling new technology to settle in, given the surroundings and contemporary society. They are not only profitable, but they also support the country’s economic development in the long run.

With all of this in mind, Liberland has attracted more interest than any other country in the world in terms of citizen investment schemes, even without official diplomatic recognition. There is clearly a demand, and it is likely that it will be met at some point.

Liberland E-Residency

While Liberland prepares for human habitation, there is something called E-Residency, which allows you to identify yourself in real life and online Liberland events, digitally sign and authenticate papers, and have access to an encrypted communication service.

With the E-Residency card, you can also open a business in Liberland and run it entirely online, as well as apply for Liberland citizenship.

Because this is the only electronic residence in the world with a price of one hundred dollars, it has been highly requested by investors and entrepreneurs throughout the world to establish digital firms in Liberland, most of which are related to crypto and trade.

Liberland’s bet has allowed it to capitalize on new technology and the surge in digital services to create an exciting community of entrepreneurs that contribute to the country’s economic progress. However, there is still no Liberland bank accounts for digital businesses.

Liberland has received more applications than traditional countries with the world’s best citizen-investment programs. The need exists, and it appears that supply is on its way to satisfy it.

Recent diplomatic developments

After initial news on the Liberland passport being recognized by Colombia, this news post has since been deleted from the Liberland website, possibly after many news items in Latin America about a mass influx of Colombians interested in obtaining Liberland citizenship and residency.

The controversy over an alleged agreement announced by the mayor of Manizales with Liberland for citizens of the Caldas capital to receive English classes has not yet subsided, since now the intention of more than 4,000 Colombians to become residents of Liberland, which has caused even more commotion on this issue.

The controversial memorandum of cooperation between the city of Manizales and Liberland, which was even released through a video on social networks by the mayor, was deleted given the media coverage it had and the multiple criticisms of which the Manizales president was the target. Officially there is no cooperation between Colombia and Liberland.

Other initiatives of recognition are always ongoing and we recommend following the Liberland blog for the latest news on those developments.

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