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Rounded Iceland Flag IconYou can work remotely for any employer registered outside Iceland with the Iceland digital nomad visa. Remote workers must have a monthly salary of at least €7,300.

This digital nomad visa for Iceland is not a long term visa and is only valid for six months.

About the Iceland Digital Nomad Visa

As Iceland recovered from the pandemic, the digital nomad visa became increasingly significant. This visa is a temporary permission that allows you to work as a self-employed person or for a foreign employer whose establishment is located outside of Iceland.

As a remote worker, you don’t have to live in the capital city but can live in any Icelandic city (although besides the capital, there is not a whole lot of additional cities).

The digital nomad visa does not allow you to work for an Icelandic company or employer. If you want to work in Iceland, you must first obtain an Iceland work visa and permit.

The digital nomad visa is known as the Icelandic remote work visa in Iceland. Those who meet the criteria and requirements of the visa can stay in the country for up to 180 days or six months, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the country’s breathtaking nature.

Most international visitors to Iceland can only stay for 30 days, but others can stay for up to 90 days. Digital nomads who want to work online in Iceland for an extended period of time can apply for a digital nomad visa.

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Iceland Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility Criteria

If you meet the following requirements, an Icelandic remote working visa (digital nomad visa) can be awarded to you:

  • You are a citizen of a nation that is not a member of the EU/EEA/EFTA.
  • Iceland and your country have a visa-free travel agreement.
  • You have not obtained another long-term visa to Iceland in the last year.
  • You must demonstrate that your stay is solely for the purpose of working remotely.
  • You must demonstrate that you will not be staying in Iceland for an extended period of time or plan to get permanent residence in Iceland.
  • You must demonstrate that your monthly income is at least ISK 1,000,000 (about $7,700). This amount rises to ISK1,300,000 if your spouse or partner joins you.

The Benefits of the Iceland Digital Nomad Visa

Iceland Coat of ArmsRemote workers who receive an Iceland digital nomad visa, will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

Tax-free status. You do not have to pay taxes if you work as a digital nomad in Iceland.

The climate. If you enjoy frigid temperatures, Iceland is the place to be. With temperatures averaging around 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) in the summer, you may enjoy the cool weather all year.

Excellent internet connection. Iceland boasts some of the world’s fastest and most reliable Internet, so you will have no problems while working.

English is commonly understood. The majority of Icelanders speak English, and they also understand German and French. As a result, you will have no difficulty communicating while in Iceland.

Friendly Locals. Icelanders are a friendly people, so you’ll have no trouble establishing friends.

Incredible skies. Once in Iceland, you will have the incredible opportunity to witness the northern lights. When the nights are dark enough, the aurora borealis can be seen in Iceland between September and April.

Safety. Iceland is regarded as the safest country in which to visit and reside. It has the lowest crime rate in the country and no harmful animals.


Required Documents for the Iceland Digital Nomad Visa

For this Iceland remote work visa, you must provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport. Your passport copy must be valid for three months after your visa expires.
  • Application form. You can apply via the form on the official Icelandic government website. It must be downloaded and completed electronically.
  • Payment proof for a visa. You must demonstrate that you have paid the minimum €88. (ISK 12,200).
  • Passport photo. The photo must be no more than six months old and must meet the Schengen visa photo standards.
  • Health insurance. The medical insurance you purchase must cover you for the duration of your stay in Iceland.
  • A letter from your boss. You must demonstrate that you will be working remotely for a foreign company, employer or that you are a self-employed worker, through an employment contract or letter. Iceland can request additional documents.
  • Payment receipt. A receipt showing you paid the fee.
  • Evidence of substantial income. You must show supporting documents that you have a monthly income of at least ISK 1,000,000 (about €7,300).
  • Clean criminal record. This certificate is available at your local police station or office.

If you are bringing a family member (such as a spouse), you must also submit the following documents:

  • Marriage license.
  • Evidence showing you have been living together for at least a year.
  • An additional payment of approximately €2,000 (ISK 300,000).


How Do I Apply for an Icelandic Digital Nomad Visa?

To apply for a digital nomad visa, you must first complete the following steps:

Prepare the documentation needed for the Iceland digital nomad visa. You must mail your required documentation to the Immigration Directorate in Kópavogur. You can submit them in person if you are in Iceland.

Make payment for the application cost. You must pay your charge with a bank transfer. The Directorate of Immigration website has information on Iceland’s banks.

Wait for a reply. If you receive a favorable response, you may travel to Iceland.

In Iceland, you can obtain a visa. Once you have received a positive response, you must contact the Iceland Directorate of Immigration through email ( so that they can give you a digital nomad visa. The visa will be valid for one year from the date it is issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

You certainly can. The Icelandic remote work digital nomad visa was introduced in October 2020 and has since attracted a large number of expats who are eager to begin a new life in this lovely country.

The Iceland digital nomad visa is technically a long-term remote work visa. It permits holders to stay in Iceland for up to six months.

Your Iceland digital nomad visa costs ISK 12,200 (€88). If you bring your spouse or children, they must also pay the same sum.

It normally takes three to four weeks to process an Iceland Digital Nomad Visa. However, depending on the amount of applications received, it may take longer.

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain a digital nomad visa extension. You can, however, reapply for the visa after a year.

The validity of the Icelandic digital nomad visa is determined by your home country and the location where you apply. The validity of your visa will vary depending on your situation:

Your long-term visa will be valid for about 180 days if you apply from your home country and do not enter Iceland until the visa is approved.

If you apply from your home country but then travel to another Schengen nation before your visa is issued, your long-term visa will be valid for 180 days less the days you were in the other Schengen country.

If you apply from within the Schengen area, your long-term visa will be valid for approximately 90 days.

The Iceland digital nomad visa allows you to bring your family. They are welcome to stay for the same amount of time as you.

As a digital nomad, you are exempt from paying taxes in Iceland. You will, however, be required to pay taxes in the country where you are registered as an employee or business owner. For example, if you are a US citizen working for an American company, you must still pay taxes in the US even though you live in Iceland as a digital nomad.

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