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Rounded Georgia Flag IconGeorgia announced their digital nomad visa, dubbed “Remotely from Georgia,” in 2020 and the country quickly became a digital nomad hub.

Georgia’s digital nomad visa is an excellent chance for long-term visitors, such as remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with families who plan to stay for at least six months and up to one year.

The main benefit is that you can become a tax resident if you spend at least 180 days in Georgia over the year. This means that if your annual income is less than $155,000, you only pay 1% in taxes.

Overview of the Georgia Remote Work Visa

Georgia Coat of ArmsGeorgia has a variety of choices for remote employees, including dedicated programs for anyone who works online. The government also provides a full-year visa for tourists from several countries, which is a convenient option to experience the place before going through the lengthy process of obtaining an official digital nomad visa.

The government of Georgia recently launched the “Remotely From Georgia” campaign, which aims to combat the losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to offer new opportunities for visitors interested in working remotely from the country.

Although the program is technically not a distinct visa category, remote wokers must fill out an application and supply information like you would for any other visa, thus we will refer to the program as a Digital Nomad Visa for Georgia for clarity.

If your digital nomad program application is approved, you will be entitled to stay in the nation for up to a year, including family members who must travel with you.

The Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Georgia

Working as a digital nomad in Georgia provides the following benefits:

Simple application process. The visa application process is especially simple. Everything is done online using the Georgia Nomad Visa website. Furthermore, the online application form is processed within 10 business days.

No application fees. It is free to apply for a Georgia digital nomad visa.

Visa-free country. Without a visa, remote workers from 95 countries can enter Georgia visa free and remain for 365 days. In comparison to other nations that provide digital nomad visas, Georgia is the only one that does.

Great tax benefits. You are not obligated to pay tax as a digital nomad in Georgia until your 183rd day of stay. If you stay for more than 183 days, you are deemed a tax resident, and your income is subject to a 20% tax. Furthermore, Georgia has an individual entrepreneur plan that permits digital nomads to pay only 1% of their first $155,000 in earnings. This plan is perfect for digital nomads and freelancers. The best part is that you can become a tax resident if you spend at least 180 days in Georgia during the year. This means that if your annual income is less than $155,000, you only pay 1% in taxes.

Open a bank account. Georgia, unlike other nations, does not require you to be a resident in order to open a bank account. When you arrive in Georgia, you can create a bank account. As a digital nomad, having a bank account in the country where you live makes your stay more comfortable and pleasurable.

Low living expenses. Georgia’s cost of living is $698, which is 1.34 times less expensive than the average of other countries throughout the world. The cost of living varies by city.

Georgia is also a very attractive country with gorgeous mountain landscapes, black sea beaches, and historic sanctuaries. Hiking and skiing may be enjoyed in the mountains, while the black sea offers beautiful beaches and hot summers. There is both serenity and excitement there. Georgia is also quite kind and hospitable, with people who are always willing to help. It also serves wonderful meals and the oldest wine available.


Georgia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

The following documents must be uploaded to the Georgia visa application form:

  • A valid passport. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of three months. Copies of the passport bio page must be attached.
  • Evidence of business or job. A copy of your employment contract or certificate of organization will be required. Alternatively, for self-employed individuals, you can provide a letter describing the details or a certificate of incorporation.
  • Health insurance. You will require health insurance or medical insurance built specifically for digital nomads and remote professionals living overseas.
  • Evidence of funds. The income requirements are that you must earn $2,000 per month or have $24,000 in your bank account to qualify. You could use bank statements, stock statements, contracts with guaranteed repayment, and certificates of employment to demonstrate your cash.

Georgia Country Landscape Photo

How Do I Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Georgia?

To apply for a Georgia digital nomad visa, go to the official Nomad Visa website. The following is the application procedure:

Obtain the required paperwork. It is critical to have all of the necessary documentation before applying. You can find these documents in the section “Requirements for Georgia Digital Nomad Visa” below.

Begin filling out your online visa application. You must finish the application by entering all of your personal information and attaching all relevant papers.

Submit the application and wait for confirmation. You must submit the documents after uploading them and completing all of the processes of the online application. Then you must wait about ten days for an email response.

In addition, if you do not belong to one of the above stated 95 countries, you will need a visa to enter Georgia (see the FAQs below to see which countries are included in the 95).

Frequently Asked Questions

A Georgia Digital Nomad visa is available to remote workers of 95 countries. These are the countries:

Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, and Antigua & Barbuda are among the countries represented. Argentina, New Zealand, Barbados, Bahrain, The Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, British overseas territories Ecuador, Sweden, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, the Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Japan, Jordan, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, South Africa, Norway, Poland, Oman, Panama, Serbia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Greece, Thailand,

In Georgia, applying for a digital nomad visa is free of charge.

The processing time for a digital nomad visa application in Georgia is ten working days.

The Georgia digital nomad visa is valid for one year. However, registering a firm, such as through the Individual Entrepreneur Scheme, can lead to permanent residency.

You are not obligated to pay taxes as a digital nomad in Georgia until your 183rd day of stay. If you stay for more than 183 days, you are deemed a tax resident, and your income is subject to a 20% tax. In Georgia, though, you can register for the Individual Entrepreneur plan, which taxes you at 1% up to $155,000. This is an ideal situation for digital nomads.

Georgia has five different types of taxes: corporate profit tax, VAT, excise tax, personal income tax, property tax, and import tax. Georgia levies taxes on both residents and non-residents who earn money in Georgia. The general sales tax is 4%, and the state income tax range is 1% to 5.75%.

The Remote work permit, unlike other entry permits, requires the applicant to indicate an arrival date. If your arrival date differed from what you placed on the application by more than 7 days, you had to email the department that accepted you and let them know your new expected arrival date.

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