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Cyprus Passport CoverCyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU), hence Cypriot citizens are also EU citizens. For citizenship by descent, Cyprus allows you to acquire citizenship up to the 1st generation of Cypriot origin (so only children of Cypriot citizens can apply).

Cypriot passport holders enjoy access to the country’s great healthcare and education systems, as well as the freedom to travel and reside in any of the European Union’s member nations, since it is a European citizenship of an EU member state.

People frequently inquire about the duration of full Cypriot citizenship under the Cypriot citizenship and residence programs, and you’ll be relieved to find that you and your family can enjoy full citizenship for life. This right can be passed down to future generations who are descended from Cypriots.

How to Obtain a Cyprus Passport

Non-Cypriots can obtain a Cypriot passport and so enjoy all of the perks that come with it in a variety of ways. The success of each application is determined by whether or not the applicant meets their requirements.

The following are the methods for obtaining a Cypriot passport:

Citizenship through Birth/Descent

Rounded Cyprus Flag IconIf you were born in Cyprus and have one Cypriot parent, you are a naturalized citizen of the country. Individuals born abroad with at least one Cypriot parent can become citizens of the country through the rights of family descent; all they need to do is show their birth certificate and their parent’s certificate as proof of evidence.

(a) Cypriots born before August 16, 1960, may submit an application on form M. 71 or 72, along with their birth certificate.

(b) Persons of Cypriot descent born after 16/08/1960, regardless of place of residence, have to submit applications on form M.123 (in duplicate) and attach their birth certificate.

(c) Cypriots born before or after August 16, 1960, who are British citizens or citizens of any Commonwealth country and are legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus for a period of one year may apply on form M.124 (in duplicate) and attach their birth certificate, a good character certificate issued by the police, and a photocopy of their passport.

Consular Birth Certificate Application (type M121)

Minors and adults born abroad after August 16, 1960, whose father was a Cypriot citizen at the time of birth, and those born after June 11, 1999, whose mother was a Cypriot citizen at the time of their birth. €20 in government fees

Minors Registration Application (type M126)

Minors born in Cyprus or abroad prior to June 11, 1999, whose mother is a Cypriot citizen and father is a foreigner, or minors whose father acquired Cypriot citizenship after their birth.

Minors whose father or mother obtained Cypriot citizenship through Naturalization or Registration as a result of marriage with a Cypriot citizen. €80 in government fees

  • Birth certificate*
  • Marriage certificate of applicant’s parents*
  • Passport copy of applicant and parents for M121 and M126
  • Cypriot parent’s Cypriot citizenship certificate (where applicable)
  • Declaration submitted before an officer of the District Administration Office or a diplomatic authority by a foreign parent consenting to the granting of Cypriot citizenship to a young child
  • Two photos

Adult applicants – Application type M123 Adults born on or after August 16, 1960, with neither of their parents being a Cypriot citizen at the time of their birth.

M123 documentation requirements

  • The applicant’s birth certificate*
  • The applicants’ parents’ marriage certificate*
  • A copy of the applicant’s and parents’ passports
  • Cypriot parent’s registration certificate (where applicable)
  • M123 Government Fees – €50

Please keep in mind: Documents marked with a (*) must be translated into English or Greek and bear the «APOSTILLE» Stamp, OR they must be validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the nation issuing them, as well as the Cyprus Embassy of that country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus.

The translation should be done by the issuing country’s Press and Information Office, a Consular Authority, or a governmental department/service.

Cyprus Country Landscape Photo

Cyprus citizenship by Naturalization

Any foreigner over the age of 18 who has a clean criminal record and has legally stayed in Cyprus for a total of seven years – or 2,555 days – previous to their application date can apply for Cypriot citizenship. They must also have lived in the country for a continuous period of one year before applying for citizenship. If the applicant is the child or parent of a Cypriot citizen, the time period necessary is five years rather than seven.

Citizenship by Marriage

According to the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department, persons married to Cypriot citizens may obtain citizenship after three years of marriage and two years of presence in the Republic.

Those who want to become Cypriot citizens but do not live in the Republic must have their spouse submit an accompanying letter explaining why they want to become citizens of Cyprus. A marriage certificate must be given to the necessary authorities at the Civil Registry and Migration Department in both circumstances.

How Do I Get a Cypriot Passport?

If you are over the age of 18 and have a clean criminal record, you are eligible for a Cypriot passport. Individuals who want to become Cypriot citizens must go through a specific process, depending on the path they select.

Individuals must submit a Cypriot passport issuance application in person at the consular office or the Cypriot embassy, which enables the simple gathering of their biometric data – including their fingerprints and any images necessary by the consular officer.

How Useful Is a Cyprus Passport?

Passports are viewed as a window of opportunity that allows you to travel from point A to point B from anyplace in the world. The strength of a passport differs per country when it comes to passport ranking.

The worldwide passport power rank index ranks countries according to their total visa-free score. This simply means that a country’s rating is determined on the strength of its passport. Certain passports are restricted, but others provide holders with a wide range of travel possibilities and options.

The passport ranking organizes countries according to their total visa-free score. It assigns points to countries where Cypriot passport holders can visit without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or with electronic travel authorisation. The United Arab Emirates leads the pack with 175 points, implying that UAE nationals can visit 175 countries.

Cyprus ranks seventh on the worldwide passport ranking, with 166 points.

Cyprus Citizenship & Passport FAQs

A Cypriot passport can be obtained through birth, naturalization, marriage, or descent. If you decide to go the citizenship path, you may wish to consider applying for permanent residency through the Cyprus Golden Visa scheme to get a return on your investment.

The Cyprus citizenship by investment program is not active anymore. It used to demand a minimum investment of €2 million in the country's real estate market - €2.2 million if real estate and/or investments are combined. The only way to obtain Cyprus citizenship now is through naturalization if you do not have Cypriot descent.

The passport ranking organizes countries according to their total visa-free score. It assigns points to countries that Cypriot nationals can visit without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or with electronic travel authorisation. Cyprus is ranked seventh in the world in terms of passport mobility.

If you are over the age of 18 and have a clean criminal record, you are eligible for a passport. Foreign nationals who seek to become Cypriot citizens must follow a certain procedure, depending on the path they pursue to citizenship.

According to the global passport index, the Cypriot passport is quite robust. The Cypriot passport presently ranks seventh in the world, granting holders visa-free entry to 119 countries and visas on arrival to 47 others.

It is, indeed. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, hence each Cypriot citizen is automatically an EU citizen.

With a Cypriot passport, you can travel to 166 countries, 119 of which require no visa and 47 of which require a visa on arrival.

Yes. You will not have to renounce your other foreign citizenships.

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