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Rounded Colombia Flag IconIt’s always nice to add another country to the Digital Nomad Visas list. The Colombia digital nomad visa will allow foreign citizens with remote employment outside of Colombia to live and work in Colombia for up to two years.

The Colombian program’s income requirement for digital nomads is calculated as 3 x $221.84 = $665.52 per montheven less than Portugal’s already ultra-low D7 and Digital Nomad Visa requirement of €705 per month!

However, this new visa will not be available to all foreign nationals. To apply for this visa, you must be a citizen of a nation that is exempt from the requirement of short-stay visas in Columbia.

Around 100 countries are on the list, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the majority of EU member states, you can check the full country list here.

Colombia Digital Nomad primary requirements

Digital nomads and remote workers interested in applying for this new digital nomad visa will have to take the following requirements into account:

  1. A letter provided by one (or more) foreign companies for whom you offer services, explaining the nature of your business relationship and the compensation you receive from them. If you have contracts with these firms, supply them, or show that you are a partner or co-owner of a company in another country. Mention the fact that your job for the company is done remotely.
  2. A medical insurance policy that is valid in Colombia.
  3. Three months’ worth of bank statements demonstrating that you earn more than three times the Colombian minimum national salary, known as the Salarios Minimos Legales Mensuales Vigentes (SMLMV), which is $221.84 in 2022.
  4. Remote workers will not be required to obtain a police clearance certificate from your home country. This might be a significant hassle depending on where you reside.

Foreigners intending to build a new digital or technology-focused enterprise in Colombia will also be able to apply for the Colombian Digital Nomad Visa. However, visa holders will not be permitted to work in the country.

You will also be entitled to bring your spouse and dependent minor children, and the legislation does not state that you must earn more money to do so.

Furthermore, the statute makes no mention of taxation for nomads. If you live in Colombia for more than 183 days a year, you will almost certainly become a tax resident, even if you work remotely for a foreign company (a requirement for most digital nomad visas).

While some media outlets have stated that you will not be able to apply for this visa if your company has a presence in Colombia, this has not been formally confirmed.

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Colombia Type V Visitors visa

Resolutions issued by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogota, Colombia, clarify Colombian visa restrictions. Resolution number 5477 defines the official Spanish version of the 2022 visa requirements.

Resolution 5477 established digital nomads, remote workers, and digital entrepreneurs of nations that do not require a short-stay visa. According to current procedures, they will be able to enter without a visa and remain in Colombia with an Entry Permit issued by the immigration office.

This type V Visitors visa has a validity period of up to two (2) years.

What documentation do you need?

The type V Colombia digital nomad visa requires the following documentation.

  • Passport Photocopy: A copy of the first page of your valid passport that includes your biographical information. Color or black-and-white photocopies are both acceptable.
  • Proof of Legal Entry: A photocopy of the page of your passport containing the last stamp of entry or exit from Colombia.
  • Letter from a Foreign Company: A letter in Spanish or English issued by one or more foreign companies to which the foreigner performs services, describing the nature of relationship and remuneration received by the applicant. If you have a contract with the company, give it or show that you are a partner or co-owner of a company in another country, as well as a letter indicating that your work for the company is done remotely.
  • Letter of Motivation: Entrepreneurs should submit a motivational letter outlining their business plan as well as the financial and personnel resources they have or hope to have.
  • Account Statements: Show through bank statements that you have earned three (3) Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wages (SMLMV) in the last three months: APR of 750 USD.
  • Proof of Health Insurance: A health insurance policy that covers them in the country against all risks in the event of an accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death, or repatriation for the duration of their stay.
  • Passport photo: A passport-style face shot with a white background, 3 cm wide X 4 cm high, with a maximum file size of 300 kb jpg for online application.

Heavy competition in the Digital nomad visa offerings in South America

Colombia Coat of ArmsThe number of hugely popular tourist sites currently giving (or starting) digital nomad visas continues to climb.

While the two-year validity of this Colombian visa, combined with a ridiculously low income criterion, is quite generous, it should be emphasized that nearby Brazil also offers a great DNV program.

While the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa is valid for 12 months, it can be extended for another year, for a total of two years. And, while Brazil’s minimum income requirement is more than double that of Colombia, it is still significantly lower.

Conclusion on Colombia: a great option for foreign workers

Colombia has long been a preferred digital nomad location due to its low cost of living, colorful lifestyle, and reliable wifi connections. Specifically, Bogota and Medellin are typically packed with visitors carrying laptops in their backpacks looking for a location to set up their workplace for the day.

In reality, the number of tourists visiting Colombia increased by 200% between 2010 and 2019.

The launch of a Colombia digital nomad visa is both awesome for digital nomads. Currently, most visitors can only stay in the country for 180 days out of the year. With the Colombia digital nomad visa, remote employees will be able to stay in the country for up to two years.

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