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Anguilla is one of the many countries that provide digital nomad visas. In this case it is valid for 1 year, and cannot be extended.

Anguilla has no minimum monthly income requirements for its digital nomad visa, and total fees for the application are around $2,000. However, it is an expensive place to stay.

More information on the benefits and requirements of the Anguilla digital nomad visa may be found below.

Quick Facts About Anguilla

Rounded Anguilla Flag IconAnguilla is a British overseas territory well-known as a modest growing Eastern Caribbean paradise. The island is bordered by Antigua and Barbuda in the southeast, Saint-Martin and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the south, the US Virgin Islands in the southwest, and the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the west.

Anguilla has always attracted Hollywood celebrities, but it has just recently begun to draw digital nomads. The most appealing aspects of this island are its pure white sand beaches, friendly people, stunning sunsets, delectable meals, turquoise waters, and a totally unique island feel that cannot be found in other places of the Caribbean.

The Advantages of the Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa

The following are some of the advantages of working as a digital nomad in Anguilla:

Accommodation. Finding a nice place to stay in Anguilla is not difficult; there are several options ranging from five-star resorts to private homes. In compared to other countries, the cost of living in this country is fairly low.

Simplified visa application process. The digital nomad visa application process is relatively simple, and the processing time is approximately 7 to 14 days. This visa allows you to stay in Anguilla for a year.

Taxation. Individuals in Anguilla are not subject to income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, or any other direct tax, regardless of their residency status. As a Digital Nomad with the Work from Anguilla Certificate, you are not needed to pay any taxes; nevertheless, the personal effects that you carry with you may be subject to customs costs.

Simple access to basic needs. The island has 30 supermarket and convenience stores, making it easy to get supplies. Many activities and Caribbean cuisine are available on Anguilla’s 33 magnificent beaches.

Excellent internet connection. Anguilla’s telecommunications businesses offer a variety of low-cost packages that include high-speed internet, online payment, and low-cost international calling. There are two telecommunications companies in the country: Flow and Digicel. Their prices are quite close. A 100Mbps fiber connection costs approximately $92 per month.

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Lesser Antilles. It is the ideal Caribbean destination for people looking to work remotely in other nations. This island has 35 square miles of beautiful sand beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, nice people, and a good wifi connection.

Anguilla has set a precedent for other islands in the region with their efforts for safety during and after Covid-19, and the government and people of Anguilla have been recognized internationally for their response efforts.

Anguilla Country Landscape Photo

Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

The following documents are required for remote workers to apply for the Anguilla digital nomad visa:

  • A filled-out application form. The application form can be found here.
  • Employment verification. Submit your job contract or certificate of establishment.
  • A Valid Passport. Your passport must be valid for the following six months.
  • If necessary, obtain an entry visa.
  • Valid health insurance. COVID-19 coverage, medical bills, doctor’s appointments, medications, and air ambulance should all be included in the health insurance.
  • Evidence of a clean criminal record. You can obtain verification of a clean criminal record from your local police agency.
  • Evidence of tie to dependents. If you have dependents, you must provide proof of relationship, such as a marriage or birth certificate.
  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • A copy of the passport bio page.
  • Students must provide proof of school enrolment.
  • A brief summary of the work you will be performing.
  • Transfers to and from Anguilla.

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Anguilla

The following are the steps you must take to apply for an Anguilla digital nomad visa:

Collect all of the necessary documentation. Before submitting your application, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation. (See the list of documents under “Requirements for Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa” for further information.)

Scan your documents. Once you have all of the documents, scan and digitize them so that you may submit them together with your completed application form online.

Fill out the online digital nomad visa application. You must submit your application through the Anguilla Tourist Board’s I Visit Anguilla website. You must first create an account and choose an immigration path, in this case the Digital Nomad Visa.

Pay the visa application fee. When you submit your visa application, you will be given payment instructions on how to pay the application fees. The visa application expenses are $2,000 for an individual applicant and $3,000 for a family of up to four people.

Allow time for approval. After submitting your application and supporting documentation, you will receive an approval or denial response within 7 to 14 days.

In addition to these measures, you may be required to apply for an entry visa before visiting the country, which can be done at any British Embassy or High Commission Office.

What is the cost of the Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa?

Anguilla Coat of ArmsThe visa application fees are as follows:

  • Individual applications cost $2,000 each.
  • $3,000 for a household of up to four people. This is for the primary applicant, spouse, and children under the age of 26. (There is a $250 cost for each additional dependent if the family has more beyond four members.)
  • $2,000 dollars for students

Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa Processing Time

An Anguilla digital nomad visa takes 7 to 14 days to process, beginning with the submission of your application and payment of any required costs.

Visiting Anguilla When Your Digital Nomad Visa Expires

If you are married and your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Anguilla, you are eligible for residency.

After three years of marriage, you can petition for citizenship. There are two types of work visas that you can apply for: employee and self-employed.

People in important occupations, such as teachers, nannies, and doctors, will find it easier to obtain a work visa in Anguilla. A job offer and a business incorporation certificate might also help with the Anguilla work permit application.

Paying Taxes in Anguilla as a Digital Nomad

Anguilla is a tax-free island. Individuals, regardless of residency status, pay no income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, or other direct tax. Customs duties are used by the government to manage this tax-free jurisdiction. Anguilla’s property taxes are modest by worldwide standards.

As a Digital Nomad in Anguilla, you are not subject to income or other taxes under the Work from Anguilla Certificate. However, any personal effects you bring with you may be subject to duty charges.

Living Expenses

Anguilla is an excellent choice for extended visits. The cost of living in this city is moderate when compared to many other cities in North America and Europe. Living on the island allows you to take advantage of super-fast internet, low-cost international calls, and online payments, among other things.

A 1-bedroom flat in the city center can be rented for $800 per month. A three-bedroom apartment costs about $1,750 per month.

Dining out costs between $7 to $17, depending on the sort of establishment.

Anguilla has no public transportation, such as a metro system or a train. It’s far more convenient to simply wander around. If you need to travel longer distances, you can alternatively rent a car or take a taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Anguilla digital nomad visa is valid for one year. This one-year period begins upon the issuance of the Work from Anguilla certificate.

Unfortunately, Anguilla's nomad visa cannot be extended. You will need to apply for a new permit to stay on the island after your existing one expires. Unlike tourist visas, nomad visa holders can continue to work and earn money without committing to a complete residency permit.

The processing duration is 14 days. You will be required to pay the Work From Anguilla program fees after you have been accepted.

The Work From Anguilla Certificate allows you to stay for a maximum of 12 months. The 12-month period begins when the certificate is issued. It is unknown whether you can renew the visa.

During your stay in Anguilla under the Work From Anguilla Certificate, you will not be liable to any income tax or other taxes. You may be required to pay duties on personal effects brought to Anguilla.

The visa application fees are as follows:

  • US $2,000 for a single application, whether a student or a worker.
  • A family application of up to four people costs $3,000 USD. This includes the main applicant, his or her spouse, and any dependents under the age of 26. There is a US $250 cost for each additional dependent.

First and foremost, you must be at ease living on a small island. Anguilla's attitude is described as "cool without trying." If you grow bored, you can take the 25-minute ferry to St Maarten / Saint Martin, which has a much larger population of 78,000, and go plane spotting on the beach.

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