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Estonian citizenship by descent

You can apply for Estonian citizenship by descent if one of your parents is an Estonian citizen born in Estonia, even if you were born


New UAE visa system introduced

This month the UAE government introduced new visa rules incorporate significant modifications to the country’s entry and residence systems and this more advanced visa system

Cyprus citizenship by descent

Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU), hence Cypriot citizens are also EU citizens. For citizenship by descent, Cyprus allows you to


Danish citizenship by descent

If one of your parents is a Danish citizen, you are born with Danish citizenship. Children under the age of 12 who are adopted by

Luxembourg citizenship by descent

Acquire Luxembourg nationality by descent If you want to reclaim your Luxembourg nationality, you must be in direct line of descent from an ancestor who

Belgian citizenship by descent

As a TLDR, Belgium only allows citizenship through ancestry up until the first generation. That means one of your parents has to be a Belgian


Dutch citizenship by descent

A child instantly becomes a Dutch citizen by birth, acknowledgement, or adoption. This is also known as obtaining Dutch citizenship by descent, since The Netherlands


Malaysia launches digital nomad visa

Malaysia has recently introduced a new digital nomad visa in an effort to position itself as Southeast Asia’s next major destination for remote workers. The

Slovenia City Scape

Slovenian citizenship by descent

If you are a direct descendant of a Slovenian citizen, your Slovenian citizenship status can be registered in Slovenia (through confirmation or naturalization). Slovenia allow


Icelandic citizenship by descent

Icelandic nationality law is founded on jus sanguinis principles. In other words, the primary way to obtain Icelandic citizenship is by descent from an Icelandic

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